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An auto clicker is used for almost all tasks that involve clicking on a screen several times. This mainly arises from the capability of an auto clicker, both in PCs as well as smartphones, to click at a screen repeatedly at a very high speed. While clickers are mainly used to play click-based games, a clicker can also be used for a simple mechanical task of auto-saving files on your device. Although it may seem as if extra work needs to be put in to install a clicker and set its parameters which could rather have been done manually with a single click, when the bulk increases, this small task comes increasingly time-consuming and exhausting.

Below are the steps that can be used to make clickers automatically save files as and when you want it.

Steps to Save Files (Including the Record Feature)

·        To be able to save files automatically, the first task in the process is to install a good clicker on your device. While there are several clickers that can be downloaded for free, all of them cannot be trusted when it comes to virus-related issues. Two of the best clickers that have been extensively used by users around the world are the OP Auto Clicker and the GS Auto Clicker. You can download the clickers from their respective websites online.

·        Once you have downloaded and installed it on your device, open up the interface of the application. You will find several options that need to be selected. Let us start with the Click Point or the Target Point. This is that point on the screen where the clicker will click when switched on. Set the target on the Save button on the top left corner of the application that you are using. There are three ways to set it: You can either do it by feeding the X and Y coordinate, by dragging your cursor to the location and selecting ‘Current Cursor Position’ on the clicker, or use the ‘Dynamic Clicker Position tool’ and bring your mouse up to the save button and keep it there.

·        Select the other parameters like Click Interval, Click Type, and Right or Left Click as per your requirement. Once done, switch on the clicker and see it in action.

·        Alternatively, you can record the entire sequence of clicks that are required to save a file. Turn on the Record button and manually save a file by clicking on the Save button. Stop the recording and save it. Whenever you play the recording, the clicker will follow your cursor movement and repeat the clicks which will lead to the file being saved.

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