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While clickers make life easy by performing the mechanical task of repeatedly clicking on a certain point of the screen, it is very important to set the proper parameters for the event the clicker is being used for. Clickers can perform various activities but are mostly used for gaming activities. Every game requires a different clicker setting and a major part of setting the parameters is judging the perfect click interval for the task in hand. Click Interval is defined as the time elapsed between two consecutive clicks. The steps to set the click interval on a clicker’s interface are detailed below.

Steps to Set Click Interval

·        The first step to setting the click interval is downloading a good auto clicker. The two recommended auto clickers that are powerful and intuitive are the OP Auto Clicker and the GS Auto Clicker. Both clickers have advanced features like the Record and Playback feature as well as the Numbered Click option that can be effectively used to increase the clicker’s productivity.

·        One of the very first parameters of the clicker is the ‘Click Interval’ option. This determines the time between two consecutive clicks. The interval time is cut up into the following time divisions: hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds. By default, a click interval of 100 milliseconds is set. Users can customize it as per the need.

·        The smallest click interval possible can be found when you set all the time divisions to zero. Ideally, this will leave no time between clicks and it will appear as if the clicker is long-pressing on a certain button on the screen.

·        Every task requires a different click interval. You can find the perfect combination by mixing and matching the interval times.

·        When you use the Record button, the click interval there will be determined not by what you have set on the clicker but by the time that you had left between clicks while recording the particular sequence. ·        The Click Interval of the clicker will come into play when you are using the Numbered Clicks feature.

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