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UAC stands for User Account Control and it blocks several third-party applications and viruses from tampering with system functions and setting of your computer. Although it seems to be a very safe and secure layer, a lot of users do not want this security layer to be activated as it gives Microsoft access to several system settings of their PCs. There are various ways in which you can turn off the User Account Control setting on your Windows 7 device. The steps are detailed below in this article.

Method 1 – Turning off UAC through User Account Control Settings.

1.      Open up the Control Panel of your device. You can either do it from the Settings menu or by opening up the Task Manager menu and thereafter navigating to the Control Panel. From the Control Panel, go to the User Account Control Settings that will fall under the User Accounts and Family Safety menu.

2.      From there, either type in UAC on the search box on the top right or click on the System and Security Applet.

3.      This will open up the ‘Change User Account Control Settings’ hyperlink. On clicking on the link, you will see a slider that toggles between on and off. By default, it will be turned on. Drag the slider the other way to turn it off and confirm your selection by pressing ‘OK’.

4.      You can also arrive on the above slider page by running the following command on the command prompt menu – C:\Windows\System32\UserAccountControlSettings.exe.

Method 2 – Turning off UAC through Group Policy

This method is mainly used to turn off the UAC setting on a series of computers. Two protocols can be followed when attempting this task: Local Group Policy or the Active Directory-based GPO. The Local Group Policy setting is faster.

1.      Open up the Group Policy Editor Windows from the settings page of your device. From there, follow the chain of commands as follows: Navigate to Computer Configuration. Open up the Windows Settings. Choose the Security Settings from there which will bring you to the Local Policies Menu. Click on Security Options and make the changes as stated below.

2.      Set the Behaviour of the UAC to ‘Elevate without prompting’. Disable the application detection installations as well as the ‘Elevate UIAccess Applications’ menu. Finally, disable the ‘Run All Administrators in Admin Approval Mode’.

Method 3 – Disable UAC Through the Registry

1.      Open up the Registry of your device, type Regedit and press ‘Enter’.

2.      You might have to put in administrative credentials here. Once done, click ‘Yes’ on the prompt.

3.      You need to go to the following registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System.

4.      Locate the Details Pane and navigate to the EnableLUAKey (REG_DWORD type). Modify the Edit Menu by typing 0. Confirm your selection by pressing ‘OK’

5.      UAC will be disabled on your computer. 

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