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Auto Clickers are used a lot in the Gaming Community. After click-based games were brought out to the community, the culmination of the auto clickers took place. Although the use of auto clickers is unethical, it brings to the game a kind of thrill that is unparalleled. Auto Clickers are primarily responsible for clicking on any particular point on the screen. Most click-based games have several buttons that need to be clicked to perform various tasks. The buttons are either fixed on the screen or are placed in floating panels on the user interface. If you want to use Auto Clickers in such games, you will need to set target points on these buttons and fix other parameters as required by each game.

Steps to Use an Auto Clicker for a Game

·        Two recommended clickers to play any games are the OP Auto Clicker and the GS Auto Clicker. The Free Mouse Clicker is specially designed to play Minecraft.

·        Each game has different target points or clicking points. These normally coincide with the button positions in these games. For example, if you are playing PUBG PC, gamers would like their target point to be on the fire button. If you are playing Roblox, a lot of buttons can be potential target points namely Punch, Jump, Crouch, and Fire. For Minecraft, the Mine button can be a target point. Other points can be Fishing, Jump, or even the Fire button.

·        Next comes the Click Interval option. This determines the time elapsed between two consecutive clicks. Depending on the requirement, set a relevant click interval time. If you feed in zeros in all the time divisions (hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds), you should ideally get clicks that occur one after the other without any breaks.

·        Other options of the clicker are Right or Left Clicks. A few clickers offer the scroll click for opening new tabs in web browsers. The Click type also includes single clicks, double clicks, and well as triple clicks.

·        Click Repeat dictates the number of times the application will click. For gaming purposes, it is better to keep it as ‘Repeat Until Stopped’. If you use the clicker for other purposes, you also have the option of putting in a finite number of click count.

·        The Two recommended clickers have the advanced Record and Numbered Clicks options. Although the basic use of the two functions is the same, there is a slight difference in how the clicks are executed. The record option is generally used when you want the clicker to repeat a sequence that you will manually execute by clicking on the screen, record it, and save it. The Numbered Clicks however is executed by the clicker where each click can be made at different points on the screen. Generally, a sequence of ten numbered clicks is supported by advanced clickers like the GS Auto Clickers. For gaming purposes, you can use these options to record a series of moves and play it non-stop by triggering the hotkey of the software.

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