The GS Auto Clicker is another powerful clicker that can be downloaded for free from its official website online: This clicker is also virus-free and can perform heavy clicking tasks without the occasional glitches in conventional clickers. GS Auto Clicker is compatible with Windows 7 versions and higher.


The general features are the same as the OP Auto Clicker. Those include click intervals (hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds). click type (right, left, single, double, and triple clicks) and click repeat (either a numerical value or left as ‘Repeat Until Stopped’ for an infinite number of clicks). Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts that are used to start and stop the clicker. In this application, you can customize your hotkey.

Numbered Clicks

This feature can be paralleled to the Record function of the OP Auto Clicker. The Numbered Clicks feature is a system wherein you can number a set of clicks (up to 10 at a time) on various points on the screen. The whole sequence can thereafter be saved and used for later.

How to Download GS Auto Clicker

1.      With GS Auto Clicker, alongside the regular clicker functions, you can also record a sequence of clicks that will be repeated when the ‘Start’ button is pressed. The download link to GS Auto Clicker is as follows:

2.      Clicking on this link will bring you to the official website of GS Auto Clicker. Right in the middle of the page will you find the Download button. Click on it and the relevant files will be downloaded on your PC.

3.      Launch the set-up files and complete the installation process by saving the application in your chosen directory.

4.      Once GS Auto Clicker is installed, launch it and start clicking anywhere on the screen.

Other than these two auto clickers, smartphone auto clicker applications can be downloaded from the respective app store. Open up the store and type out the name of the auto clicker that you want to download on the Search bar. Once it appears on the screen, click on the Install button next to the app icon and it will be downloaded on your PC.