What is an Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker, as the name suggests, automates the physical task of clicking on the display of an electronic device. Different forms of this software, produced by different companies, are available for varied devices. You can get auto clickers for your PC, tablets, as well as for your mobile phones as smartphone applications. Auto Clickers can be used to either click on a fixed point on the screen or click on various points following the cursor movement. The speed and interval of the clicks can also be set in most high-end clickers.

The software is used for several purposes, gaming being a primary industry for auto clickers. Several click-based games use auto-clickers extensively. Although it disrupts the integrity of the game, who does not want to win once in a while! Some games that are played with the help of clickers are Minecraft, Roblox, and Click Mania. Other than gaming, clickers are used anywhere there is a requirement of clicking monotonously at a certain point on the screen. Some examples would be while submitting thousands of online forms or during data entry in huge excel sheets. With an increase in the use of clickers, now there are a few hundred thousand of these in the market. A majority of them are infected with malware that will slow down your system upon installation. A few of the best Auto Clickers currently in use are OP Auto Clicker and GS Auto Clicker. Both clickers can be downloaded from their official web pages respectively.

How to install the autoclicker.exe?

  1. Download our autoclicker from the button below.
  2. You will find a file in your downloads names “autoclicker.exe”.
  3. Right click on the file.
  4. Click “Run” on the installer.
  5. Click on “Accept” on all the tabs of the installer.
  6. At the end, click on “Finish”.
  7. Once the installer run is finished, you will find your autoclicker software in the downloads. 
  8. Install the autoclicker and start using.

Here below is the guide on how to start using the autoclicker which will come handy after the installation process:

Guide: How to start using Auto Clicker?

Auto Clickers are applications or software that does the task of automatically clicking for you on a screen. This clicking point can be fixed anywhere on the screen or kept dynamic. An auto clicker requires users to set several parameters according to the task it is being used for. This guide will discuss in detail all the steps required to use an Auto Clicker to the best of its ability.

Steps to Use an Auto Clicker-

-The first and foremost step would be to download an auto clicker application of your choice that would match the device type. Auto Clickers are available for PCs as well as for smartphones. While the clickers meant for PCs can be downloaded online from their official websites, smartphone clickers will be available in both the Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store.

-Choosing a good clicker is essential as corrupt clickers have the power to infect your device with viruses. The humongous number of clickers in circulation makes this task a quite difficult one. The recommendation would be to not download clickers from third-party applications. Three of the best clickers currently are OP Auto Clicker, GS Auto Clicker, and Auto Clicker.exe.

-After you have downloaded a clicker, launch the setup files and install It on your device. On launching the installed applications, the auto clicker interface will pop up and it will have several parameters.

-The first parameter will require you to entire a click interval in the hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds format. Once the clicker is activated, this parameter will determine the interval between two consecutive clicks. The clicker will click the fastest if all the time divisions are set to 0.

-In the Click Options parameter, you will have to choose which mouse button you want clicked– Left Click or Right Click. Here you will also have the option of choosing if you want a single click, a double click, or a triple click. Set these parameters as per your requirement.

-The Click repeat parameter will ask you to input the number of times you want the clicks to iterate. You can either feed in a numeric value or select the ‘Repeat until stopped’ button.

-Now comes the cursor position. This parameter will control where exactly on the screen will the clicks occur. if you have a fixed position in mind, you can either drag your mouse to that location and choose the ‘Current Location’ button or enter the X and Y coordinates of that point. If you want the clicks to be made dynamically as you are moving your cursor, select the ‘Dynamic Cursor Position’ option.

-Setting a hotkey is optional but a very useful parameter. This is a keyboard shortcut to start and stop the clicker. It can be set to any key you want. On clicking once, the clicker will start clicking, and clicking it again will turn off the clicker.

-Some advanced clickers will have the option of recording a sequence of clicks. This is mostly used by gamers wherein all the clicks that you make in a pattern will be recorded and repeated by the clicker.  

Auto Clicker Settings-

This section will discuss the various settings that a general clicker offers. While the parameters might differ a little from one auto clicker to another, the basic settings like click interval, no of clicks, and click position remain the same for all of them.

Click Interval: The first parameter that is required by every auto clicker is the Click Interval. This determines how often the clicks will occur. The time divisions that are available are hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds. By default, only the milli-seconds option will show 100 on it. You can change the interval according to your requirement. The fastest consecutive clicks can be achieved by setting all the parameters to 0.

Click Options-

Mouse Button: This parameter asks for the input type, whether you want a right-click or a left-click.

Click Type: The click type determines the number of clicks you want at a time. On clicking on the Click Type option, a drop-down menu will open up. From the list, you can select whether you want a Single Click, a Double Click, or a Triple Click depending on the task you are using the clicker for.

Click Repeat: The click Repeat pattern determines the number of times you want the software to click. There are two options to choose from here. One is where you have to enter a numerical value like 6 clicks or 10 clicks. The other option is ‘Repeat until Stopped’. Selecting this option will enable the clicker to run endlessly until you use a hotkey to stop it or force shut down the application.

Cursor Position: This parameter asks for the location on the screen where you want the clicks to take place. There are three options provided to users: Current Location, Pick a Location, Dynamic location. You can set the X and Y coordinates in the ‘Pick a Location’ section. On setting the cursor position to Dynamic Location, the clicker will simply follow the cursor position and keep clicking.

Hotkey Setting: The Hotkey Setting is a keyboard shortcut for starting or stopping the clicking option. By default, F6 is set as the hotkey but it can be changed to any key as you wish.

If you are stuck with any of the menus of the auto clicker, you can always click on the Help click and seek advice from the developers team of that particular clicker.

Answering your FAQs-

Ques 1: How do I turn on an auto-clicker?

Ans: After you have downloaded and installed an auto clicker of your choice, launch it. Select a cursor position, the click interval, and the type of click (right-click or left-click) that you want. Choose a hotkey to start and stop. Once ready, press the hotkey and the clicker will start clicking. Press it again to stop the action.

Ques 2: Are Auto-clickers illegal?

Ans: Auto Clickers are not illegal per se. As it finds most use in the gaming community, it sometimes disrupts the integrity of a player using an auto clicker instead of physically clicking on a mouse.

Ques 3: What is the best Auto Clicker?

Ans: Several clickers can be considered to be right up there with regards to performance, quality, and user interface. The OP Auto Clicker and the GS Auto Clicker are two clickers that are part of that list.

Ques 4: Is SourceForge auto clicker safe?

Ans: There are varying reviews on the internet but a majority of them point out that applications downloaded from SourceForge sometimes contain viruses that might corrupt your system. Thus, it will be recommended not to download auto clickers from third-party applications.

Ques 5: Can Hypixel detect Auto Clickers?

Ans: Yes, the Hypixel algorithm is made in such a way that it can detect auto clickers if they are being used. It will be better to avoid using one when you are playing games if you do not want your account to get banned.

Ques 6: Are auto clickers allowed on Hypixel?

Ans: Auto clickers are not allowed on Hypixel. Your account will be at risk of getting banned if an auto clicker is detected being used from your side.

Ques 7: How to use Auto Clicker.exe?

Ans: Auto Clicker.exe like any other auto clicker has the same parameters that you will have to set after you have downloaded the software on your device. Set the click interval, click frequency, cursor position, and the hotkey. Once done, start the application.

Ques 8: What are auto clickers used for?

Ans: Auto Clickers are used to automate clicking on a certain point on your screen. This can involve either right-click or left-click. A clicker will also take into account the number of clicks you want and the interval between two consecutive clicks.

Ques 9: How do I get my mouse to auto click Windows 10?

Ans: Download either the OP Auto Clicker or the GS Auto Clicker. Both can be downloaded free of cost and are compatible with Windows 10. Set the required parameters and run the application. You will see your mouse automatically clicking.

Ques 10: Is Auto clicker a bot?

Ans: Going strictly by definition, auto clickers are not bots. They are programmed to execute only one action that is to click. A bot, on the other hand, does a lot more. 

Ques 11: What is the difference between click mode and repeat mode?

Ans: The click mode design to click one or more point on screen, the repeat mode design to record any mouse click and keyboard type then repeat do it. If you want to auto click one or more button or other, you should select click mode. If you want to auto click button and drag , type something you should select repeat mode.

Ques 12: How to use AUTO CLICKER?

Ans: First, click on the Record button, then do the whole routine task manually, for you to know exactly where to click, press, which windows to open. When you finished, stop the Record by clicking on the stop button in screen lower right.

Now you can click repeat button to repeat the action that you just do, or setting the repeat times if you want to repeat more than one times.

Ques 13: How to setting auto clicker?

Ans: -In click mode, there are several repeat mode:

  1. Click point number: set the auto click point numbers, you can set value from 1 to 10000(if you think 10000 is not enough, you can free to connect support).
  2. the numbers of auto click for every select point.
  3. interval click: the delay time between two auto click.
  4. button setting: you can switch the click action in left/right/middle and click action in single click/double click.
  5. hot key setting: you can press the hotkey to replace the click button, and change the hotkey if you get hotkey conflict info.
  6. in repeat mode, there are several repeat mode,

repeat as times:

  1. repeat once: only do auto clicker one times.
  2. repeat xx times: set auto clicker times.
  3. repeat for time
  4. loop until I stop it: repeat do auto click until you press “ALT+S” to stop it.
  5. repeat xx time: set auto click time.
  6. delay some time between two repeat actions: set the delay between two auto clicker.

repeat speed:

  1. slow: the auto click speed will be slower than record speed.
  2. normal: the auto click speed is the record speed.
  3. fast: the mouse move and the delay between two click will be ignore, so the auto click speed will be faster.